Utopia Bath

Utopia Pamper Set, FREE SHIPPING


PAMPER your skin in Natural, Artisanal Luxury

If you have alittle extra time in your day...set the mood from the start.
Nothing is more relaxing than adding a candle to your cleansing routine.
Ours is handpoured and natural soy with our signature cherry wood wick
that crackles lightly as it burns...
Next, our Soap Souffle is like dessert for your skin - without the calories!!
A whipped confection that will lather, exfoliate and soften on the finish,
especially when you use our buffing glove.
Complete your self-care with our luxuriously natural Satin Luxe Body
oil. it's composed of dry oils to sink into your skin without leaving a greasy trail.

Soothed - Cleansed - Buffed - Softened ... what could be better than that?

Choose from these coordinated sets:
Lavender & Sage
Sea Salt & Aloe
French Lilac
Orange & Cedarwood
Sandalwood Rose

12.0 oz recyclable jar
4.0 oz recyclable jar
4.0 oz recyclable spray pump
buffing glove

Delivery : 1–3 business days