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I've read enough rave reviews to take the plunge and make the purchase. My hands have never been so hydrated in the winter! If you're on the fence - take this reveiw as a sign that you NEED this in your life and on your hands!

An Etsy CustomerReviewing the Lanolin Hand Crème

Perfect, as usual! Since starting to use these in the shower each morning for just my face, my skin is radiant!

Suzanne (From Etsy)Reviewing the Honesuckle Loofah Soap

Absolutely beautiful soap in every possible way. I love it!

Susan (from Etsy)Reviewing the Utopia Bath Sandlewood Soap

This salve keeps my feet soft and smooth. (Works anywhere, but that's where I use it.) It's not greasy, so you can apply it any time, and it won't mess up your socks. I've been using this for years and will for as long as Utopia continues to make this excellent product.

An Etsy CustomerReviewing the Lanolin Recovery Balm

Everything about Utopia Bath is excellent: quality, style, customer service. Not sure how my skin would survive winter (even a mild one) without these products!

An Etsy CustomerReviewing the Body Oil, Satin-Luxe

This s**t is amazing! I use this on my beard every day and it keeps me super hydrated. As I started growing more than stubble I was getting noticeable spots of dandruff in my beard. This lanolin oil completely cured that for me.

An Etsy CustomerReviewing the Lanolin Skin Salve

Fast and courteous service/delivery. I've used for a number of years now and this lotion is as good as the first time. Highly recommended.

Richard (from Etsy)Reviewing the Lanolin Hand & Body

Love this stuff in our family! Bought it a year ago at a local knitting shop and am stoked to have found it again, even after the label wore off.

An Etsy CustomerReviewing Knit & Purl Herbal Hand Creme


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