Utopia Bath

Utopia BATH Unscented Goat-Milk Soap


There are days when you just want a quiet soap...no fragrance...a soft, creamy lather...no fuss...no feeling of tightness in your skin...

This is your soap.
The skin soothing quotient comes from adding just the right amount of local north shore of Long Island Goat-Milk for gentle cleansing and soothing skin relief.

This soap is blended with Organic Shea Butter - the King of Skin-loving Plant Oils. Shea butter is known for its superior moisturizing and skin regenerating benefits.
It's a soap with luxurious lather and is part of our Beauty Bar series.
Beauty Bar simply references its ability to accomplish any task - whether it's in your soap dish as a hand soap or in the shower as a body bar...enjoy!

Listing is a for a beautifully wrapped 4 oz bar.
All of my soaps are custom formulated, hand-blended, cut and wrapped - just for you!

* see the listing for a special purchase when you buy 3 soaps!!

Delivery : 1–3 business days