Utopia Bath

Utopia Bath French Lavender & Goat-Milk Soap


It never ceases to amaze me, just how popular a Lavender soap is in a soap maker's arsenal. This soap is no exception - but wow, I mean WOW this is a gorgeous bar of soap!

Lavender is probably the Mercedes Benz of essential oils - who doesn't love it? One of the most beneficial essential oils for calming nerves AND it's equally wonderful for soothing cranky and sensitive skin. I up the skin soothing quotient by also adding local north shore of Long Island Goat-Milk for a creamy lather and additional soothing skin relief.
Sprinkled with french lavender buds for a little extra love.

This soap is blended with Organic Shea Butter - the King of Skin-loving Plant Oils. Shea butter is known for its superior moisturizing and skin regenerating benefits.
It's a soap with luxurious lather and is part of our Beauty Bar series.
Beauty Bar simply references its ability to accomplish any task - whether it's in your soap dish as a hand soap or in the shower as a body bar...enjoy!

Listing is a for a beautifully wrapped 4 oz bar.
All of my soaps are custom formulated, hand-blended, cut and wrapped - just for you!

* see the listing for a special purchase when you buy 3 soaps!!

Delivery : 1–3 business days