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Our Artisan-crafted Wet-n-Wooly & Water-safe Wood Soap Raft!!
...perfect for gift-giving!

* Ethical Sustainable All Natural Ingredients *

Felting has been around for ages...imagine how thrilled Genghis Khan was when he realized he didn't have to wear that stinky, heavy skinned animal hide and he could just wear felted wool!! Oh yeah! Really improved his game, but I digress...

Well, some where along the line, SOME body figured out that wrapping a soap in sheep's wool is a wonderful "All in One' way to wash oneself without a washcloth!!
Cleansing and mildly exfoliating - it's like a loofah - but better!!
And, unlike a washcloth that will get a 'stale' smell after a few days, wool is anti-microbial = no funky stuff! Just the delicious scent of my hand crafted soap.

First, I blend skin loving plant oils to yield a moisturizing and bubbly soap, scented with a delicious fragrance and let them cure...
After the soap has cured, I wrap in gorgeous unbleached sheep's wool, add alittle bit of hot water and agitation and
VOILA! Felted soap - 100% purely, lovingly, hand crafted !

This is what you do:
Take the Wet-n-Wooly in to the shower - suds it up and rub it on your skin like a loofah! When you're done, just make sure that the W-n-W has a chance to hang out in a dry place (on our soap raft!).
As the soap shrinks, the wool will shrink around it and in the end, you'll have a little Wooly pad that you can continue to use for any cosmetic application, because as I said earlier...wool is anti-microbial!

A novel and wonderful gift for any one! I will include a little card telling the recipient about the soap.

Lavender & Sage
Lemongrass & Eucalyptus
Sandalwood & Verbena
French Lilac
Fresh Mango
Pineapple & Passionfruit
Pink Grapefruit
Lemon Verbena & Spearmint
Cardamom & Teakwood
Complexion Blend for oily skin

3.7 oz

Delivery : 2–3 weeks