Utopia Bath

Land & Sea Dishwasher Soap



Reduce your toxic load both in packaging reduction and chemically!!

Clean - Vegan - Zero Waste & Plastic-Free, our solid Dishwashing Soap is the best non-chemical, all natural cleansing method for hand washing your dishes.
This soap lathers well, can cut through dirt and grime, and utilizes fresh orange essential oil that leave your items looking & smelling squeaky clean.

Our bar can replace 2-3 bottles of traditional dish soap, and can last up to 6 months. And yes, there are refills that pop right into the rust resistant tin.
The brush in the image with my grey dish gloves is the one you’ll receive! It’s 100% biodegradable. So cool, right?

7oz Soap in Tin
Add these options:
Bamboo Dish Brush $8.00
7 oz Refill $15.00

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